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VERSUS! Who’d WIN!?! @ Eagle Con 2020: NERDSoul vs Tyler McPhail / Grand Geek Gathering | NERDSoul

March 16, 2020

VERSUS!!!!! w/ Judge Hannibal Tabu of Komplicated & Project: Wildfire
NERDSoul: Domino vs TYLER: Black Canary

NERDSoul: Black Lightning x Gamera vs TYLER: Static x Mechagodzilla

VERSUS! Who'd WIN!?! @ Eagle Con 2020: NERDSoul vs Tyler McPhail / Grand Geek Gathering | NERDSoul

• Combatants are teleporter into a domed environment 100 yards in diameter with flat ground. No cover, no structures, nothing. They are brought in from the point in their character history where you feel they are at their peak combat condition. When they arrive, they see their opponent and are stricken with only one thought: "beat this/these people!"
• You will each have a three minute opening statement, two rounds of two minute rebuttals each and a three minute closing statement.
• The only person you have to convince is me. When I think you make a good point, you’ll hear a sound effect. Same if I think you make a bad point.
• Standard courtroom rules apply: objections for relevance, argumentative elements, and so on will be ruled upon.

Judge: Hannibal Tabu

Tyler McPhail

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NERDSoul, by Le Ill Kid @OneYoungsta, is that intangible fresh--that 70's soul mixed with comics, some sci-fi fantasy, movie geekery, topped off with the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I've developed NERDSoul over the years as a StreetGEEK, unknowingly by loving Wu-Tang, Justice League, Star Wars, Stevie Wonder and playing D&D after school. NERDSoul comes from that StreetGEEK that can chop it up with the best, while being up on game around the block and Pop Culture.

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Rest in Power Ali Thievez & Kleph Dollaz. Much Love My Brothas.