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Marvel’s Avengers Endgame Movie *SPOILER* Panel: ARCKATRON, Anthony Kennedy & Solar Greye | NERDSoul

April 29, 2019
Hanging out on Comic Book Sunday for Marvel's Avengers Endgame Movie *SPOILER* Panel with Producer ARCKATRON, Podcast Host Anthony Kennedy & Solar Greye the Cinematic Sorcerer!
*Couple audio issues with wind/mic sensitivity but you guys understand
Marvel's Avengers Endgame Movie *SPOILER* Panel: ARCKATRON, Anthony Kennedy & Solar Greye | NERDSoul
Avengers Endgame Directed by Anthony Russo & Joe Russo
NERDSoul *SPOILER Movie Review* talking shop on "Avengers Endgame" directed by Anthony Russo & Joe Russo
Anthony Kennedy aka AntPooh
Solar Greye
Back In The Deck Productions
Avengers Endgame IMDB
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