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Lootpack’s “Soundpieces: Da Antidote” + J Dilla’s “Jay Stay Paid” | NERDSoul: #beatsVibesLife

June 19, 2019

Tonight Arckatron joins me to talk about Lootpack' "Soundpieces: Da Antidote" + J Dilla's "Jay Stay Paid" on #beatsVibesLife where it's about our favorite albums and the journey they take us on. Stick around to chat music, artists, beats and our favs from all genres!

Lootpack's "Soundpieces: Da Antidote" + J Dilla's "Jay Stay Paid" | NERDSoul: #beatsVibesLife

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Lootpack, J Dilla & Hip Hop News

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Lootpack - Soundpieces: Da Antidote

J Dilla - Jay Stay Paid

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ABOUT Arckatron:
Arckatron is a formerly Philadelphia-based hip hop producer that recently relSoundpieces: Da Antidoteated to Southern California. His work dating back to 2008’s The Appreciation SP. Like any wise producer, Arckatron addressed his primary influences early with the Gettin’ Dilla Out My System release in 2011 and since then has sought a style all his own. His production is not fatherless, but with the recently released Subtle Busyness, Arckatron claims no hive.

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