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Finances and Marriage… No Romance Without Finance? | #BlackTogether w/ NERDSoul

July 22, 2020

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Finances and Marriage... No Romance Without Finance? & More! This is Black Together. The continuing discussion of how to operate as a unit in love, life, politics and more.


Finances and Marriage... No Romance Without Finance? | #BlackTogether w/ NERDSoul


#BlackTogether #NERDSoul

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Le Ill Kid @OneYoungsta
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NERDSoul, by Le Ill Kid @OneYoungsta, is that intangible fresh--that 70's soul mixed with comics, some sci-fi fantasy, movie geekery, topped off with the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I've developed NERDSoul over the years as a StreetGEEK, unknowingly by loving Wu-Tang, Justice League, Star Wars, Stevie Wonder and playing D&D after school. NERDSoul comes from that StreetGEEK that can chop it up with the best, while being up on game around the block and Pop Culture.
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