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Black Lightning Reaction, Black Panther’s Quest ROCKS, Greenleaf Is DOPE, Cthulhu is Hard to Spell & More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek

October 24, 2018
Black Lightning Reaction, Black Panther's Quest ROCKS, Greenleaf Is DOPE, Cthulhu is Hard to Spell & More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek
FIRST: Checking out CW Black Lightning Reaction & Review Season 2 Episode 1: Rise of the Green Light Babies with me NERDSoul! Let's catch up real quick before the Black Lightning Black Jesus Blues TONIGHT! •
NEXT: We got that Bumblebee Official Trailer Trailer Reaction for G1 LOVERS & Dope Tape Decks! I can't believe I have seen what I just saw. Cybertron B. CYBERTRON! •
THEN: Get ready to laugh! OWN's Greenleaf Reaction & Review of Season 3 Episode 5: Closing Doors is here! Charity brings the comedy, Zora brings the eyerolls and Bishop brings the apologies. •
AFTER THAT: A big shout out and CONGRATS to Russell Nohelty's Wannabe Press for reaching their Kickstarter Goal! In celebration, here's my Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: A Comic Anthology About Lovecraft Preview covering Christian Douglas & Claudio Sanchez Viveros' "The Believer" and Shannon Kirkwood's "The Call of the Stone." •
PLUS: Lando leads a revolt in Star Wars Lando #5: Double or Nothing Comic Book Review. Rythus shows his trump card, Tie Brutes fly and Lando gets the girl... sort of. •
LASTLY: YES!!! Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Black Panther's Quest #3 Into The Deep Reaction & Review breaking down the ultimate dopeness that is T'Chala, Shuri and oh SO MUCH MORE!!! #WakandaForever •
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