Star Wars Rebels Season 4, Stranger Things 2, Star Trek Discovery, DC Casts Shazam & More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek

November 2, 2017
Star Wars Rebels Season 4, Stranger Things 2, Star Trek Discovery, DC Casts Shazam & More!  | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek
Yes! The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Heroes of Mandalore Reaction & Review is here so we can dish about Sabine, Mandalore, Special Weapons, and even Chopper. Oh btw... I still don't like Ezra. •
Also: The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 In The Name of The Rebellion Reaction & Review is time for us to decide... Mon Mothma or Saw. Yeah. Which side are you on? •
Also, ALSO: YES! Here we are with The Star Trek Discovery Reaction & Review for Season 1 Episode 6! Lethe shows us that Michael is going to have to come to grips with some things that she may have to just deal with and let go. Meanwhile, Lorca still crazy. •
Also, ALSO, ALSO: Check out the Black Chapter 3 Comic Book Review where there's a HUGE commotion at Mann Company, Kareem goes rogue and Detective Waters can't believe her eyes! •
Also, ALSO, ALSO, ALSO: The Soul #3 Comic Book Review is where we end our read along dealing with Sweet Lou, Derrick, Sean and match Star with... THE MASTER! What is he the master of tho? •
Just Because: You know I'm an ACTION MAN and this is a 5/5 Star Wheelman Movie Review that is STRAIGHT DOPE! Tense and STRESSFUL all the way through in flick that puts you shotgun with a man that lives a quarter-mile at a time! (oops) •
And Lastly: We got the Fox 9-1-1 Trailer Reaction, My Favorite Stranger Things 2 Moments & Zachary Levi is SHAZAM! ... Can he stand toe to toe with The Rock? Maybe. Ahhh well at least Toothless' Hair is LAID and 9-1-1 is still a joke. •
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