New Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars Live Action TV Show, Disney buying Fox, Is The Lion King Animated and More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek

November 16, 2017
New Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars Live Action TV Show, Disney buying Fox, Is The Lion King Animated and More!  | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek
First: Aight aight. Yeah. Disney's The Lion King Has the ILLEST Cast and we gon' talk about that but also, THR Asks Is The Lion King Animated or Nah? ... What Say you? •
Also: So check it... Disney is buying 21st Century Fox so that means that Marvel Gets X-Men & Fantastic Four Back! Yeah. Time 2 Dance!!! •
Also, ALSO: Well... Here's The Star Trek Discovery Reaction & Review for Season 1 Episode 8! Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum may be showing some chinks in the armor of the Klingons. •
Also, ALSO, ALSO: Kareem just can't stay out of trouble in this issue. Here's the Black Chapter 5 Comic Book Review where we find that there's many MANY thread that don't always end in a nice tied up fashion. •
Also, ALSO, ALSO, ALSO: A not too bad 2.5/5 Star Security Movie Review that ends up being a C-Student of an Action Film, things do get predictable but Antonio and Ben are GREAT but the run of the mill action kind of leaves it in the 'Glass Half Full' space. •
Lastly: AWWW YEAH! Rian Johnson Is Getting a New Star Wars Trilogy & Star Wars Is Coming to Live Action TV on Disney's NEW Streaming Service! You've gotta be hype... Right? Yeah, you are. •
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