Marvel Studios Black Panther Rise Trailer Reaction, Black Mirror Season 4, Oats Studios, Sanford Greene’s 1000 & More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek

January 11, 2018
Marvel Studios Black Panther Rise Trailer Reaction, Black Mirror Season 4, Oats Studios, Sanford Greene's 1000 & More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek
First: YAY! Happy New Year! Here's the Oats Studios + Unity ADAM Episode 3 Animated Short Reaction & Review where we talk unique, eclectic and stories that show the strength and fear of both belief and technology. Have you been watching ADAM? •
Also: So happy that Black Mirror is BACK! So here's the Netflix Black Mirror Season 4 Black Museum Reaction & Review. The season comes through STRONG but the episode that really killed it for me was Black Museum... How about you? •
Also, ALSO: New York Giants in DC for Sanford Greene's 1000 #3 Comic Book Review. This is an issue I'm really feeling because we're getting into the dirt and grit of World Building and with a BIG shout out to Chuck Brown I must say... I like it! •
Also, ALSO, ALSO: A 4/5 Star Alien: Covenant Movie Review that I liked so much... I feel it redeemed Prometheus for me a bit. I mean maybe not to the point of championing a theatrical re-release but I'm not 'mad' at it anymore. •
Lastly: The last HOTNESS we're gonna get before the film drops! Marvel Studios' Black Panther Rise Trailer is SIMPLY... BEAUTIFUL! #Afrofuturism. This is historic and I'll see you there! •
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