Ant-Man and The Wasp Trailer Reaction, Batman Ninja Movie Review, Sword & Soul, BLACK Finds Its Director & More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek

May 9, 2018
Ant-Man and The Wasp Trailer Reaction, Batman Ninja Movie Review, Sword & Soul,  BLACK Finds Its Director & More! | NERDSoul • Your Week in Geek
First: A WB Animation Batman Ninja Movie Review for a film is dripping with style and COOL! There's some great fight scenes and the character design is TOP-NOTCH! There's just 'one' thing... •
Also: Awwww YEAH! The Ant-Man and The Wasp Official Trailer Reaction & Review! We got Laurence Fishburne reppin Goliath tho!?! Word. •
Also, ALSO: CELEBRATE! BLACK Comic Book Taps Director Seith Mann At Studio 8 For New Superhero Sci-Fi Franchise! He's directed TONS from The Walking Dead to The Wire and now... BLACK by Kwanza Osajyefo. Hyped!
Also, Also, ALSO: A 3/5 Star The Week Of Movie Review for a Netflix film actually does show hints of the 'old' Adam Sandler. There's definitely some laughs in here, some heart too... Should you see it? Yeah.
Lastly: Checking out Greene County Creative's Sorghum and Spear #1 Comic Book Review. We have the Eternal Realm, The All-Mother, The An'Fre and Namazzi's first steps into a bright new world! •
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